Drowning, the air escapes my lungs in the atmosphere.
Numb, the sensations of relations aren’t even there.
Alone, 7 billion people surround me but I’m the only one here.
In my own world, where I’m in no one’s care.
Is it fair? No. Sad? Yes, but a sadness I choose.
Bestowed upon me like a consolation to those who lose,
I say choose because ultimately we all have a choice.
Life is expendable like any Royce.
Precious but not everlasting.
We all hunger for happiness, as though we’re fasting,
For freedom, but ultimately we contradict,
At every turn we conflict,
Like polar opposites that don’t attract.
Stuck at a distance from your goal with your consciousness intact.
No possible step forward, only 3 back.
Your grasp on life so slack.
No hacks cheats or shortcuts,
Every moment as deplorable as the other.
The knife isn’t the only thing that cuts ,
Ironically, so does the promise never to hurt you by your lover.
Words we release into the world that never return.
At that point I guess you learn,
Life isn’t as easy as you thought.
If only everything you needed could be bought.
But when you buy everything that’s right, what’s left?
Nothing I guess but I’m sure you’ll even buy your death.




You grip me, embrace me wholeheartedly, never letting go.
You succumb me, become me, as my heart rate starts to slow,
I don’t glow when I’m with you, but everyone can see we’re together,
Not many things can get between us, not friends, lovers or brothers.

I no longer bother, not to run nor fuss.
You’ve taken everything from me, my heart and my trust.
I lie here with you, not knowing whether I’m empty or complete.
On winners row while my smile still screams defeat.

You’ve become me and I have become you,
I’d do anything but I don’t know what to do.
I just want to be happy, though it is an illusion,
Anything to save me from your intrusion.

Into my heart, my life and my lungs,
So that passion can once again fill my songs.
And those songs can radiate through my day,
And I can for once really meant it when I say.

I am fine, I don’t whine so I will just sip this wine.
Maybe the more I say it, I will believe it; I am fine.
I will be at least, nothing last forever, the theory of entropy.
However you test my limits, my life is forever to me.
And you succumb me, so maybe depression has succumbed my entropy.