Hidden Truths

I’m that picture that I crop myself out of,
Because I see the bigger picture that I’m not a part of.
I see this broken heart bleeding love,
All I have are hopes directed above.
While my eyes are cast low and my expectations hung slow,
I can’t snuff out that faint glow,
That smile I just can’t show
That truth noone knows.



The sun rarely sees the path I walk yet there is a light that even night can’t block,
It’s like a door with infinite keys and no lock
I’ll label you hope,
You make it hard to cope.
You give me this sense that it’ll all be okay,
You give me the idea of a beam when I don’t even have a ray.
You cause my boat to sway you’re the stick in my wheel,
You’re that small ounce of joy I can’t help but feel.
You’re my trap door when my backs up against the wall,
I just never know if I’ll fly or I’ll fall.

© Akeem Rowe, Kingsinister, 2016

First Encounter 

In, out, in, out, in
My breath catches, my head spins!
This is sin, this can’t be right,
As clear as day, my mind turns to night,
And all I can see in this moonlight is you.
You’re breathtaking, I don’t know what to do,
Your beauty prevails.
It wins, the wind sings,
Your hair sets sail, I swear I see wings,
I swear I see fins, I know I see stars.
You’re out of this world, you must be from Mars.
Calmy I inhale,
Your smile prevails,
Your eyes are intricate details,
But you’re the bigger picture.

© Akeem Rowe, Kingsinister, 2016

Dare to be Great

Thought this trip would have been consumed by writing,
But I’m having these moments of clarity in all my sightings.
My mind in that moment is no longer burdened by thoughts,
That would keep me up like answers sought
When only lies are available to me.
It’s like I can finally see my dream clearly,
I can make that first step without anyone needing to dare me.

© Akeem Rowe, Kingsinister, 2016

Cease fire 

Why is it that this strange place feels more like home than my house?
These unfamiliar streets hold me closer than my spouse,
It’s quiet like a mouse in my head for once.
All these questions dissipate with no response,
It’s like I stepped off the plane and I stepped into the one place I always belonged.
So now I’m wishing going home could be prolonged,
Don’t want to step back into gunfire,
But life is a job where you can’t retire.

© Akeem Rowe, Kingsinister, 2016

July 4th

I fade in my thoughts and envision you,
Setting the scene with the sky and ocean in different hues
Of blues while the views captivate me.
They’re breathtaking but the most beautiful sight to see,
Is the gorgeous girl who has stolen my heart,
So effortlessly she ripped my defenses apart.
Disarmed by a smart mouth and smile,
All I can think is ” I haven’t laughed like this in a while.”

© Akeem Rowe, Kingsinister, 2016