These blue skies remind me of your sighs,
And the windows to your soul, which are brown but felt like blue eyes.
That calm, cold look that could stop your heart and chill your spine,
That oceanic blue, that’s a calming reminder that you’re mine.
That relaxing blue, that lets me know it’ll all be fine.
That vibrant blue, that makes even still art come alive,
Like you make me feel, the moment you arrive.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016


I want a love that burns like the flames of hell and makes me feel like I’m in heaven.
I want the girl that I rate an eleven,
I want the girl that is the apple of my eye and the key to my soul,
The girl that I can see myself with when we grow old.
I’m a 1000000% sure these feelings are true,
Simply put, I want you.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016

Too Far Gone

Endless days and sleepless nights as my conscious and subconscious unite
Thoughts keep me awake while sleep lingers outside my domain
I control all within my grasp but you managed to slip through as I tried to hold more
You’re the ocean now receding from these shores
I no longer know the nourishment you provided
I no longer hold together, I stand divided
I no longer retain my name, I’m merely sand
Look deep in my eyes and I’m sure you’ll understand
I may break but I will not wither and die
Though I’m resilient. I’ve lost all will to carry on
Trapped in a loop, a never-ending sigh
I won’t die, but I’m sure parts of me are gone.

Love’s finale

I loved you.
It’s in that moment that I knew,
We no longer lived in that world where you were mine.
But that place will always have a sunshine,
For it’ll never set on that moment, or my love for you.
Whether past, present or future, just know, it was true.

Love pt 4

I love you?
Maybe it started with the landscape blue,
Perched on the cliff, boy! The view.
Breeze blowing through your hair,
Sunset coloring the horizon as I hold your stare.
Water joviallly meandering down the stream,
While our bodies cool, the hearts now running full steam.
In that moment where time stopped,
Out my mouth, those three words hopped.
Taste still fresh on my tongue,
Afterall I was still young.

Love pt 3

Because I love you.
With each syllable, a part of me dies a little inside.
No longer do I bathe in the nourishment you provide,
I take my mental decay in strides.
I discover the lies like an indigenous colony,
Displaced and established before we could see,
Think or even understand them.
Before we could comprehend from where they stem,
Where do we take root?

Love pt 2

I Love You!
The words ricochet and stab me where my heart should reside,
But it stopped taking up residence when our feelings didn’t coincide.
I guess you can say it’s funny, int it?
I bleed on this page, so it’s tragic, int it?

But this world is worse than we believe,so that’s bummy, int it?
Wore my heart on my sleeve? so I’m a dummy, int I?
Shoot us all and we bleed,
But we discriminate based on race color and creed.
But if anything, I discriminate against those who aren’t you.

Love pt 1

I LOVE YOU!! the words emanate from my very soul so you know it’s real,
You can read the signs and feel the words on your finger tips as though it’s braille.
I’m not for sale, but for you I’m free.
I close my eyes and you’re all I see,
It’s a dream, a fantasy, a fallacy so it seems.
All that shines isn’t gold, and you gleam so profound.
I lose track of the night, every light, every sound.
I lose track in you.


As I drown in my pain and sorrow,
You’re my life boat, that reality has riddled with holes.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016