homosexuality, the disease?

To society I’m an imperfection, a being that needs deep introspection,
But even when I look in the mirror I don’t see my own reflection,
So upon my choices I reflect, as I inspect every possible outcome,
I shall uncover the lost, forgotten and then some.

In this world where Christians judge more than those appointed,
I lose myself in the meaning of religion, for it states I can’t be anointed,
For being who I am, they cast me out.
Will they take me back if raise my voice and shout?

We all have the freedom of speech then why to you oppress my voice?
We all choose our own paths so then why do you so openly oppress my choice?
Am I no longer your bread and butter because you think I’m a bundle of sticks?
Neither those nor your stones will break my bones, I will take your kicks.

But while you kick me on the ground and stand tall,
Just remember, one day we all fall ,
Even though I walk through the valley of death,
I shall fear no man, I shall spear no breath.

Though I am lost and unknown, I shall claim this underworld like persephone,
I will persevere, rebuke me for the sins I can never atone,
And as I wander the depths and trenches of society, you will faintly acknowledge me,
The lost and cast out soul tainted by the societal disease of homosexuality.