The Story That never Ends

You aren’t just everything to me,
You’re everything I want my life to be.
And it all starts with you,
This pain, this story, is our allegory.
And it all shows that my love is true!

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016


Past is the past 

The man I was had to be destroyed so I can be who I am today,
And I know it may sound played out or cliché,
But that’s just the way it is.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016

Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be Shared.

I don’t want you to feel as I do,
I don’t even want you to see my pain.
I don’t want that my tears leave a stain,
On your heart or dampen your mood.
I just want to be held, loved and cherished.
I just want to abandon these thoughts of suicide,
It’s not attention I want,
It’s the retention of being in your immediate thought.
I don’t want to perish, but I can’t handle this pain.
I only wish that this warmth would eternally remain.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016

Reminiscing on past’s cliff 

My heart is heavy and missing beats as I miss you.
My mind is blank as it reminisces on the moments we’ve been through.
The amounts of times you’ve been me and I’ve been you.
The prefect harmony,
The way we flow together is like no other.
I can’t possibly have another lover,
Because for me there is no one like you.
So at the top I’ll wait, as I enjoy the view.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016

Cancer or catalyst 

When your heart is broken to the point of no repair,
It’s pretty hard to really care.
To share yourself with those you thought were your friends,
But it isn’t the circle I thought, it’s missing a link, this’ll surely end.
I mean, I’ll always love and I’ll always defend,
What we had in the beginning, not the end.
That’s the burnt edges of an irreparable disaster.
But my mind just keeps racing faster and faster,
Trying to figure out what I can do.
Solution of nothing can’t be true,
I blame myself but maybe it isn’t me.
Or maybe I’m the cause, and that’s why I can’t see.
The solution would just be for everyone to leave me,
So they can have better lives and drier eyes.
Am I the cancer of my friendships, the reason it all dies?

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016

Amazing destruction 

Don’t touch, hot surface sign preventing all future mishaps from occurring.
Don’t touch, fragile object sign preventing others from procuring,
My heart.
I don’t know how many times it can restart.
None of them are gentle, all of them break it.
But maybe it was never a perfect fit,
But with you its different. it shatters every day,
And is rebuilt in every day to be shattered again the same way
It’s like it never learns, but it enjoys the ride.
My heart doesn’t mind being destroyed, once it’s by your side.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016

Try somehow

Smile even when there is nothing to smile about,
Laugh when all you want to do is scream and shout.
And cry at the sight of true beauty,
Let it hold you, immerse yourself in its richness,
Consume it’s nectar and relinquish your insecurities.
Don’t let your fears or your pain control your decisions or actions.
Live your life to the maximum satisfaction.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016

Heart never received.

I love you every second of every hour of every day,
And my heart breaks almost the same way.
Loving you is an attempted suicide,
But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and so I reside
By your side until the day comes where I eventually die,
And if it was all for naught. At least in my heart I know I did try.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016

Sunsets that will always rise again 

Sunsets from points too high to see,
Too high to fathom, points we could never reach,
Points we could never hold,
Points as fleeting as the emotion that swells as you witness,
The colors as they merge almost becoming one.
It’s like an intimate embrace you could never trace,
Nor experience yourself in that to do list you shelf.
You appreciate the things you can’t control,
We just weren’t meant to fly.
We merely pass through this realm,
I question alot, so I’ll always ask why.
I dream big, so I’ll always reach for the sky.
I open myself to all possibilities, so I’ll always cry.
I’m always in the minds and hearts of others, so I’ll never die.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016


Forever floating along in the skies,
Forever lost in the moments, so high.
The clouds are my best friends,
The reflection of the sea seeming to have no end.
I hold the infinite possibilities in my hands,
As they caress my cheeks I seemingly understand.
And as I drift away,
I pray this moment forever stays.