When your heart is broken to the point of no repair,
It’s pretty hard to really care.
To share yourself with those you thought were your friends,
But it isn’t the circle I thought, it’s missing a link, this’ll surely end.
I mean, I’ll always love and I’ll always defend,
What we had in the beginning, not the end.
That’s the burnt edges of an irreparable disaster.
But my mind just keeps racing faster and faster,
Trying to figure out what I can do.
Solution of nothing can’t be true,
I blame myself but maybe it isn’t me.
Or maybe I’m the cause, and that’s why I can’t see.
The solution would just be for everyone to leave me,
So they can have better lives and drier eyes.
Am I the cancer of my friendships, the reason it all dies?

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016


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