Endless days and sleepless nights as my conscious and subconscious unite
Thoughts keep me awake while sleep lingers outside my domain
I control all within my grasp but you managed to slip through as I tried to hold more
You’re the ocean now receding from these shores
I no longer know the nourishment you provided
I no longer hold together, I stand divided
I no longer retain my name, I’m merely sand
Look deep in my eyes and I’m sure you’ll understand
I may break but I will not wither and die
Though I’m resilient. I’ve lost all will to carry on
Trapped in a loop, a never-ending sigh
I won’t die, but I’m sure parts of me are gone.


2 thoughts on “Too Far Gone

  1. I like the two main concepts floating around. On one hand, the narrator feels hopeless, bitter and sad and wishes for all the sadness to go away. However, on the other hand, he accepts that bad things happen and knows he needs to move on as well as accepting that there’ll be time for grief. I think it accurately portrays the human conditions when we face grief–this’d be beginning of the stage of acceptance in the grief cycle. Good job šŸ™‚

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