When reality disappears and you’re left living a bunch of dreams that feel like nightmares
When hope and love is replaced by pain and tears
When all you want is a happily ever after but despair comes faster
Essentially it feels like that’s all I can get, deep laughter
Views from above and I’m casper
Dead to everyone but it’s not a disaster
It’s no a tragedy, it’s a blessing in disguise
You’re the tragedy they despise
Well – I – am the tragedy they despise
Well…I was.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016


6 thoughts on “Ramblings from below

  1. One thing that I notice with a lot of your poems is that you like to start poems with a long sentence. I actually think that’s pretty unique and I think it works well with your poetry.
    Rambling is right, it’s a nice jagged flow that works well with the topic, it reflects the complexity that comes with love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot. The first sentence shows where my mind is at before I start to write. In essence, that’s my purest thought before they all get mashed together into the concept of the piece. x.x it’s not like that all the time though x.x


      1. I don’t know, there’s just something about that style that makes the poem more interesting. Not to say your other poems are bad if you don’t do it, but when you do, it can be very effective.

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