I remember when forever and always was more than words on a paper.
When it felt more tangible than just vapor.
Now the words, “I love you” are just hot air.
So lost that sometimes I just sit and stare.
Like, do you care?
Do you share all the thoughts of me you?
Faults we never worked through?
But in the end it’s just me and you.
Or so I thought.
My silver lining is silver plated,
This feeling never can be sated.
So maybe I should stop chasing a substitute,
Before my existence is dissolute
And I’m a prostitute to my emotions.
Selling my soul in blind devotion,
This is a job with no promotion
Reached a dead end no more locomotion.

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016


4 thoughts on “Lost words

  1. I really like the bitter, and yet heartbroken, tone that it gives off. I’d also like to note the wording is little weird, without punctuation, lines can sound weird like “Reached a dead end no more locomotion.” to “Reached a dead end, no more locomotion.” However, that’s nit-picky and I don’t feel that at all ruins the poem. 🙂

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