Trying not to cross that line between love and hate,
But I get lost on either side bet you can relate.
When the pain rises and you drown in uncertainty,
Certainly I cling to the last bit of oxygen holding me.
But you see the grip is weakening, asphyxiation taking over,
Time running out, last leaf on this four leaf clover.
Close my eyes and I succumb to fate.
Which one is it you wonder, is it love, is it hate?

© Akeem Rowe Kingsinister, 2016


4 thoughts on “Blurred Lines

  1. What you choose will depend on what makes a heavy heart,
    You may choose to be whole or just broken apart.
    And if you may decide between love and hate.
    Please remember it’s you who should decide and not just fate.

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  2. Very beautiful poetry. Unfortunately I won’t be reading any more tonight. Tomorrow, hopefully, I can read more and give you many more comments. Reading through your poetry is like drinking tea, relaxing and calming. You have a wonderful way that you flow your words and your style is beautiful. You deserve more than the 10-15 likes on poems, you deserve to have hundreds of comments and likes. I hope you and your poetry go far in your life. 🙂

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