What does it mean when your stars align?
But there is no light that you can shine?
Forever in the dark, you’ll never be mine.
Even though our hearts meet,
I can’t help but retreat,
For all that glitters isn’t gold.
And everything of worth can’t be sold,
Subsequently it can’t be bought.
Just a little food for thought.
New life lessons I’m taught on a daily
Because every day life tries to play me,
And I say we shall overcome.
But who is this we? I need the work out that sum.
Friends, acquaintances, lovers or Bros?
What happens when they fill all the categories with pros
And the only cons to consider are your life goals.
Or life’s pot holes.
These road bumps and pit falls make us fall out of line,
Fall out of sync until we must consign
Our lives for a greater cause,
Although you’re just confined by a greater clause.
So then when I see your wish and I raise you mine.
Even though our paths cross and our stars align,
It’s not every place you fit that you belong.
So as tears caress my face I play my favorite song.
The fat lady having sung I know it’s done,
But the heart yearns after a setting sun,
Burning heart meets the icy mind.
The soul hardens to a black mass representing mankind.
But light eventually captures even the darkest recesses of space,
So no worries, you too will find your own place.


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