Lost in the apparition before me
Eyes blur so that it’s all I see
“Are you God?” My ignorance of the situation
Maybe he thought I belonged in an institution with that insinuation

Dizziness my only love, my only mistress
As the atmospheric pressure seems to stop the stress
To my distress, my lungs are now a mess
Swimming in their own elation and happiness

But they’re happiness comes to my detriment
Life now just a bittersweet sentiment
Eyes filled with resentment, till they’re white
Mind blanks, as it’s enveloped by the night

The night surrounds me, or maybe it’s darkness and it’s embrace
But this sweet nothingness is just a taste, laced
Laced with empty hopes and dreams
Limb; when reality splits at its seams

Weightless and disowned, my body is not my own
These sins my tomb stone
My hands limp and my breath steady, flat, nonexistent
And you grip me, try to hold me close, death, you’re so persistent


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