I lie, all humans do really, at some point you just fall,

We all must lie, because at some point we get tired standing,

We get tired having to care about it all,

We get tired of the petty squabbles and misunderstandings.

We all lie, but as I lay my head to rest, it’s not from fatigue,

It’s out of understanding, that I’m out of my league.

Out of my realm of comfort and expertise,

For though I am king my crown is merely a lease.

The cheap plastic we received and the kingdom we share,

Is but a speck of dust, in the earth’s atmosphere.

That is, when we compare it to the laurel reef we are about to receive,

And with it, the power, or so the predecessors would believe.

So, as I stare at the stars, they glare back at me.

For those most coveted, I’m but an ant they’re yet to see,

And while the others reach for their positions,

I too shall look on in awe, and try to envision,

The fleeting joy of being on top of the world.

To have your full weight lifted and hurled,

Into the air, as the whole world sings.

For in this competition, you are declared king.


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