Why do you allude me,
Yet fixate on all that I see,
All that I aspire to be.
I do not wish to encounter you myself,
I just wish that you would shelf
These games you play for my health.
These taunts that encourage me to pursue,
Pursue you,
Pursue the warmth of your cold embrace,
The beauty in your eyes that receive my soul,
The enticement of your touch that stills my heart.
The hand that makes me fold,
The black jack from the very start.
I do not wish to meet you,
I just wish you wouldn’t meet my dreams too.
For you make my reality a nightmare,
For in the dead of night you appear,
You rob me blind, without a tinge of fear,
For you do it so gently, I don’t even know you’re there.
That is, until it’s too late.
Make me question life and fate,
Make me wonder whether you’re a perpetrator or accomplice.
Life and fate hang in the balance, with the air tasteless.
Look what you have accomplished, I’m now a lost heir.
Bequeathed of my thrown, what is fair?
Fair is when you my friend abandon me,
Fair is when there is no fog obscuring what I see,
Fair is when I can be all that I want to be.
Reality is when you embrace me and hold me close,
Reality is when the most well thought out plans me get a dose,
Reality is when that dose spreads, through all hopes and dreams,
But reality like it’s cousin death, schemes.
Reality’s constant battle with ambition is what creates fairness,
Which in turn brings out the worst or the best.
For when you my friend kiss my lips,
I too will become reality, covered with tulips.


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