All alone in a world I can’t call my own,
Restricted to the ground can’t remember the last time I’ve flown,
Took off, soared, to lands unknown, with peace and tranquility.
But tranquility circles the drain, as this double edged sword breeds war to infinity,
And beyond that my imagination is an oasis,
However, its light years away and on a flight most miss.

I’m faceless as I’m face down in this ground,
Cowering from true terror as I drown in this gown,
For I am a judge but my own trial reveals my horrific deed,
My own murder, or would it be suicide? The knife placates the wounds on which I feed.

Vampirism, a fantasy in this dark twisted finale,
Do I have the power necessary to save me?
Or must I just runaway and hide under the bed like a preteen?
On the idea of the monster I am coming out the closet I’m not too keen,
So I rather stay and fight till I see all of the lights.

Decorate the wall with the blood of those I smite,
Light a fire under the bonnet of my life, watch this world take flight,
Kite when string pops, up and drops into chaos,
Marriage with a ring pop, starvation or its revocation, both your loss
Bet you’re caught on the words and lost in  the translation,
But this is just a nightmare not a dream, a cognitive disenfranchised revelation.


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