Walking a fine line between pessimistic and realistic, trying not to fall
Got these dance moves and lebron shoes, trying to find the right way to ball.
After all they’re no mistakes just decisions that bring unknown results,
They’re no knives sprouting from the mouth, just dirty insults.

The end result of a time when our mind was confined,
Caged by the presence of this pain, waiting to blow like a mine.
Almost packed to capacity, brimming with a broken pride and a bruised ego,
Subconscious, consciously screaming to let me go.

So I succumb to this chemically induced joy,
Wind me up and watch me go like a toy,
As it all fades away, I skate away to a place where I can fade away.
Just sit beneath the stars on my imaginary beach and watch the tides sway.

Ye, I like it this way, this way likes me, it has no light but the end I see,
This tunnel is shrouded in darkness and shrouded in a cloud but i’m still free,
Free to travel without taking flight, free to dream without having slept,
Free to enjoy the tears without having wept, and my troubles? Away they’re swept.

But with every reward comes great risk, so then what must I give for this bliss?
What must I sacrifice so that I can eternally enjoy this kiss?
Enjoy the way it warms me inside and brings that sparkle to my eye,
Tell me, and I will give it all to enjoy this eternal high..


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