If you understood the world like I do
You would be more like me and less like you
If I saw your struggle and raised you mine
Would you be inclined to decline?
Or would you accept thinking that mine was the dream to your reality?
One where you cling to hope so hopelessly you question sanity
Where you stand at the step of defeat while you taste victory’s sweet treat
To your tortured soul this is but an unfathomable task, an eternal retreat
One that kindles the flame in your heart while repressing all intellect
Reality never beating the blissful dream you select
Ignorance is bliss, knowledge being selective we create our own abyss
Our own misery, acquired by selfishness, aspirations to be the best
While we grasp for more we always seem to hold less
The more we try to take the more we leave behind
The more we try to see the more we are blind
To be blind in this world is not kind, for it will pick your pockets and steal you
Though undignified and disgraceful you know my statement is true
So tell me, if you saw the world as I do,
Would you rather be like me, or you?


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