We live in a world where some Christians judge more than those appointed,
Some of the most holy are those who weren’t even anointed,
House of the lord tainted by those who want a quick fix to permanent sin,
Aren’t willing to stop, even if it means condemning next of kin.

Treat people like what they ought to be,
Help them become what they themselves can’t see,
Help dreams become a reality,
But reality actually just breeds cruelty
Because the meek shall inherit the earth but the meek are frail
The meek always fail in the comparison to what is real
And reality is a curse established to the end of time
So then will those who die now be reborn in a earth more sublime?

We live in a world where answers just recreate questions we thought we had passed
We live in a world where we love but it never last
We live in a time where everyone fucks no one ever makes love
A time where freedom is associated with a dove

So then can you tell me how is that dove really free?
How are any of use free when we are slaves to society
One so contradictory that it’s almost  hypocritical
One where we’re littered with truths yet lies are recycled.


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