I no longer want your approval, for that is as fleeting as the happiness on Christmas day,
Nor do I want your empty smiles and listless laughs as my emotions you try to sway.
Your presence no longer needs to be a constant as it presents unforeseen conflict,
No longer do I want the hugs that ensue love, for our views on that seem to contradict.

What do I desire?
I desire an emotional connection; truthful, not like the lies that transpire.
I desire a view from the pier as I set on my  course riddled with trials and fear,
I know in this life there is not always a true definition of fair, so I just want someone to hold dear.

What have I learnt?
That in this life equality only occurs when something is thoroughly burnt,
Sometimes not even then, the justice system like life isn’t fair, but just, sometimes corrupt.
But in order to swim with sharks you need a rubber suit and electricity, make the water erupt.

Lessons taught are like battles fought, but battles are to be chosen wisely,
Not to be fought wildly but calculated with absolute precision .
Precisely the problem when you encounter every fight,
Which is to be learnt from and which to be discarded, which to fight which shall flight.

The question?
To what end is the means justified
In what dream is peace glorified
When will there ever be just one question and one answer
When will it be green on both pastures?


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