Internal conflict
These two demons inside me present points that contradict
While the sermon sticks in my mind so illicit
I’m consumed and try to swallow it
But this guilt is too much for any man of god
Even an atheist that refuses to spare the rod
It’s like I’m torn between my Greek and roman aspects
And I’m running, tired of running as the crime scene they inspect
Money is power but instead of treasured, I hand it out like a bouquet of flowers
Internal conflicts that take my life, as my elation sits in it’s cupboard and cowers
Not wanting to look at the darkness of this world or come out
No matter how the monsters scream and shout
They won’t get in, as the fear sets in, rage now blue
Mind like the davinci code but not even I have a clue
So as I sow my eyes shut and slit my own throat
I conclude some answers shouldn’t be sought
Sometimes when things hide you shouldn’t seek
Unless you had already split those fingers so you can peek
But then the angels and demons would again be at conflict
Contradicting love by the pain they inflict


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