Every year we have this very same conversation,
Every year I make the same dismal observation,
So this year I decided not to dwell on the black skies but instead embrace the sunshine,
So as the sun shines on this beautiful Christmas day, I cross the line.

I cross the line of relativity, giving in to one of my most primitive emotions; elation.
Though this time is synonymous with snow, even in this golden glow there is a relation.
For in the hearts warmed by presents and the eyes gleaming by the wrapping,
I melt in your presence as I wrap my arms around you, love overlapping.

Love overflowing like the cup of eggnog our imagination pours,
And as I bleed love and affection from my pores, I present you with all the stores.
Why? Because, how can one gift encompass all that is you?
If I could, I would give you the world, in the shape of a heart you could look through.

For as you look through the window that is my heart and rest on the pane,
You know to imagine happiness on this day without you would be insane,
For even as I breathe the air and it turns blue, i know its connection to you.
This, the 25th December and our Christmas number two.


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