Deeper than life, deeper than destiny
Deeper than the interlocking chains oppressing me
As I press on I hope to peek your interest
Want to make your eyes dazzle as I capture your heart like a cardiac arrest
Take your life into my hands
Take your destiny off the pedestal it stands
Bury your life and crush your destiny, now you’re six feet under
But my thoughts are beyond death so are they seven feet under, I wonder.
Then I would be riddled with thoughts deeper than destiny
Thoughts of suicide and tragedy, diminished only by the light of you and me,
That isn’t destiny but fate, that is the reason I patiently wait,
For an angel to whisper to me a breath, a dignified yes, never forsake.

For in this nightmare I’m shaking
Shaking until I awaken
Because with thoughts deeper than destiny
I have nightmares deeper than fate or reality
Defying every command given by their master, me
But then maybe I’m not in control, but a puppet in this game
I’m but a star in the black sky shrouded by fame

Lord knows I lack the intellect for he is the true ruler
Standing the measure of time seeing a future way crueler
So then is destiny but a part of life and fate, a subsidiary?
So then as my thoughts are riddle with holes, I’m simply ordinary
Not deeper than destiny, for what I am is but a fraction
Then destiny is deeper than me, for in the conversation between life and destiny I’m a slight interaction.


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