Summertime sadness
Don’t mistake my Christmas time gladness for valentine madness
As I establish dominance over the streets and stores
Running store to store with a fleeting smile some adore
One that some call childish, that some think I’m too old to bare
But I bore it like they bore me, you see
Clearly they cling to maturity, while I selfishly dare
Dare to be as big yet small as I can be

To be intelligently idiotic is a contradiction that some cannot master
So they are concealed like an open wound with a plaster
Thoughts plastered on the walls in the form of scribbles and text
While their souls may be pure their minds are perplexed
With contradictions and word problems some interject because of their lower intellect
Put upon retrospect it appears these few are select

Why is it that only when we look backwards we see the select few
Its like we’re playing life and we have no clue
Like the puzzle is fixed but it won’t stick because we have no glue
No adhesive, no theory or string to piece it together, we don’t know what to do

The universe a jigsaw that just leaves us in awe
Moving like we’re stuck in place waiting to be thawed
But then you’re not moving at all you may argue
But you would see the particles moving if your mind wasn’t askew
If you would shy away from the restraints of this box you confine yourself to
If you would cross the line and do what you need to do
Maybe then you would realize none of us are a single individual but really a group acting as one
Maybe then you would see what all the other “you’s” are capable of doing and have done


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