When your eye’s meet for that first time, it’s that feeling that you can never be just friends,

That feeling you get as though in mid-air you hang still; you suspend.

The suspension of all of your attention, the feeling that captures your mind.

It’s that beat that your heart skips, when you tell your valentine “be mine”.

The spring in your step, when the days are like winter,

It’s that cute emoticon riddled text with the kisses you send her,

The monsoon that consumes your every action and thought,

The satisfaction you get when they treasure every little gift you bought.

The warm embrace you get from the hot cup of coffee they hand you on a cold night,

The mark they leave on your heart as your lips touch for that first flight

That look in your eye that you can never hide, try as you might,

The passion from deep within your soul that ignites.

It’s is a battle that springs forth to a war you cannot win,

It’s the thing that cripples your concentration, making your head spin.

The nervousness when your hands touch as though worlds collide,

The kaleidoscope dreams, coupled with the desire to have them forever by your side.


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